We render our service to our clients by handling their huge amount of data which has to be processed efficiently and swiftly. We provide support services in fields of Data handling, Document management and other online website projects. We serve universities with their sophisticated result processing and data analysis. Further, we do excellent data capturing by using our specialized scanning tools with OMR and ICR Technology.

Data Capturing

We provide Solutions and Services for Data Capturing Solutions using Manual, Optical Marks Reading (OMR) Technology, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Technology.
The Company also undertakes job works from various Central/State Government Organizations, Public Sector Undertakings, Management Institutes, Public Limited Companies, Market Research Agencies and Various Universities for their Examination Automation, Data capturing, Document Image Scanning, Result Processing, Database Management, Image management and Document Management. Data Capturing/Collection, Automation of Examination using OMR and ICR technology. We also process Answer sheet, Registration form and Examination forms.


In the present scenario we have become an answer to the organizations which require high quality, reliable and confidential Assessments. We undertake projects form organizations in various fields. The state of the art technologies are used along with the years of professional experience for data capturing and data processing. Thus, we are able to provide processed information with high accuracy and within the allocated time which results in finest Assessments.

Data Processing and Analysis

We handle both soft and raw data to machine-readable form with our OMR/ICR technology, flow of data through the CPU and memory to output devices, and formatting or transformation of output through many phases which include Data mining, Data cleaning and Data Analysis based on client needs. The processed data is presented in the form which best suites the client requirements such as online website representation or Printed forms reports etc. We store the processed data and create necessary Backups and ensure that there is no room for data losses.

Security Printing Services

Clients often require the processed data in form of reports. So, we provide them with printed reports containing all the details. We undertake the projects by Designing and printing of custom OMR and ICR forms. We convert existing forms to suit the form processing OMR/ICR technology. We print OMR/ICR Answer sheets and Application forms with variable data, barcodes and QR Codes. We also undertake Question Paper Printing, OMR & ICR forms, Admit cards, Score cards, Mark Sheets, Degree Certificates, Rank Cards etc. with security features and all kinds of reports in Laser printer and Line matrix printers.
Security at Substrate level – UV Dead Paper, Color Core Paper, Dispersed Fibre With UV Glow, Non-tearable Substrate, Substrate With Customized Watermark, Security Fibres, Handmade paper with no. of options.
Security at Design level – Guilloche Design, Micro Text, Stroke Illustrations, VOID pantograph, Ghost Image, Variable Data Printing, Serial Numbering, Barcode.
Security at Printing Level – Process Multicolor ink, Invisible UV glow Ink, Thermo chromic Ink, Penetrating Ink, Fluorescent Ink, Fugitive Ink, Conductive Ink, Metameric Ink, Optical Variable Ink, Water Mark Ink, Metallic Ink, Erasable Ink, UV Ink, Photochromic Ink, Magnetic Ink, Foil Stamping, Hologram (2D, 3D, Matrix).
Security at Data Handling – Information Securing On Barcode, QR code, Sequential Numbering, Unique Numbering, eDocumentation, Software for Complete atomization of system, Online Verification.

Post Project monitoring & Assistance

Our wide range of Professional Services spanning the entire life cycle of software implementation and other custom services. This include strategic consulting, technical consulting, education programs and more. We provide customers with a secure and confidential support space within our support community. All communication in that space is private by default.

Customer Support

We deliver Live support to our partners and clients through internet, intranet and through telephonic conversations. Thus, we work closely with our clients by providing Post project monitoring and assistance.We provide customers with a secure and confidential support space within our support community. All communication in that space is private by default.