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The Company provides Job work in Scanning, Processing of data, Variable data Printing, Design and Printing of various types of forms, development and support of Software's for Image Management, Document Management, Automated Data Capturing, Result Processing, Database Management Solutions and Sales & Support of TeleForm Data Capturing Software and Canon Document Scanners.
Data Capturing Solutions using Manual, Optical Marks Reading (OMR) Technology, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Technology, Web based Online Forms and Bar-coding Technology.


Hosting of forms and data on computer servers, Websites and Managing websites. Processing and hosting results of processed data on websites, e-mails, SMS and any other electronic media
The Company also undertakes job works from various Central/State Government Organizations, Public Sector Undertakings, Management Institutes, Public Limited Companies, Market Research Agencies and Various Universities for their Examination Automation, Data capturing, Result Processing, Database Management, Image management and Document Management.
We also offer Document Conversion/back filing services to archive your existing documents and supply their images on self contained CD's with the index/search information at a lost cost. Besides providing protection from fires, other natural disasters and also saving on storage costs.
To design and print custom OMR and ICR forms. To convert existing forms to suit the form processing technology OMR/ICR. Printing of OMR/ICR Answer sheets and Application forms with variable data, barcodes or Litho codes.


Our vision is to become a leading Data Solutions company providing Software development, automated data capturing solutions and back office data solutions. We strive to offer high quality services at most competitive rates and ensure security and confidentially.


Our prime motive would be to enhance your business capability through reliable software development, data processing and accurate data capturing solutions. As a professional data solutions company we value our clients and their business and try our best to exceed their expectations by offering world class solutions.


Quality is an essential ingredient and an integral part of what we do. We ensure that whatever we do and whatever we deliver follows strict quality standards so that you get accurate and error free solutions all the time.


We pay special attention and provide solutions to client's requirements. We strive to understand what exactly are the business goals of our client and what is their vision and then we work to find the best solution.


We value the business of our clients and our esteemed partners. We constantly look out for unique ways to further enhance the business capability of our clients through effective data solutions.


We seek to build long lasting relationships with all our clients, business partners, employees through open and clear communication. Our data solutions team is always ready to help our clients and partners in all possible ways and earn trust and respect by demonstrating absolute sincerity and honesty at work.

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